(prices valid until 31.12.17)
Price Per PersonPrice Per Platter
Each salad, depending on number of people, is sold per person or as a platter. Each platter is suited to cater 20 people.All prices are (plus GST)All prices are (plus GST)
Potato salad$2.50 pp$50.00
Pasta salad$2.50 pp$50.00
Coleslaw$2.50 pp$50.00
Tabouli salad$2.50 pp$50.00
Vine ripened tomatoes, goat’s feta and roasted olive$3.50 pp$70.00
Tomato, rocket and shaved parmesan salad with balsamic$3.50 pp$70.00
Baby green salad with mixed greens, broccolini, asparagus spears, Lebanese cucumbers and snow pea shoots with a lime and coconut dressing$3.50 pp$70.00
Mediterranean salad$3.50 pp$70.00
Caesar salad$2.50 pp$50.00
Tossed salad$2.50 pp$50.00
Greek salad$2.50 pp$50.00
(prices valid until 31.12.17)
Price Per Platter
Chicken Liver and Brandy Pate on herb toasted bread and
homemade pumpkin and beetroot chips.
Ham Hock Terrine with pistachio and mustard topped with
tomato and onion chutney and toasted herb croutons (gluten free)
Three homemade dips and toasted Turkish bread
(choice of Beetroot feta, tzatziki, roasted spiced capsicum,
onion chive, pesto, sun dried tomato, avocado, corn relish,
tangy tuna or pumpkin and cashew)
Antipasto consisting of marinated mushroom, frittata,
marinated Kalamata  olives, goat’s feta, sundried tomatoes,
prosciutto, calabrese salami and Casalingo salami.
Whole cooked king prawns with shell on with homemade
cocktail sauce and lemons.
Seafood platter consisting of marinated calamari,
cooked whole king prawns and fresh oysters.
Cheese platter consisting of vintage cheddar, Camembert, blue cheese, dried Muscat’s, assorted nuts, quince paste, assorted crackers and lavosh.$100.00
Fruit platter with strawberries, rockmelon, watermelon, kiwi fruit,
navel oranges and pineapple.